First weekFree
Intro package *200.- CHF
Unlimited training1’050.- CHF / year
700.- CHF / 6 months
150.- CHF / 1 month
Unlimited training with student discount
(also applies to teens and BSW members)
600.- CHF / year
400.- CHF / 6 months
90.- CHF / 1 month

* The intro package includes a BJJ uniform (a gi or a nogi set) and 2 months of unlimited training. It is only available to new members.

Teenagers up till 17 as well as existing Budo Schule Wädenswil (BSW) members can profit from student discount prices to promote inter-training in the academy location.


First weekFree
Kids intro package *200.- CHF
Kids training450.- CHF / year
300.- CHF / 6 months

* The kids intro package includes a BJJ gi (uniform) and 2 months of unlimited training. It is only available to new members.

The Budo Schule Wädenswil (BSW) offers three additional distinctive Kids Trainings, Traditional Ju-Jitsu once a week and Judo twice a week, as can be seen on the schedule page. If kids want to train in the BSW classes and the BJJ class, we offer a membership directly at BSW for the 3 classes mentioned above plus a surcharge of 250.- CHF (for 1 year) or 180.- CHF (for 6 months) for the BJJ class.

Free trial week

Come check us out and see if the lab is a good fit for you.

If you are new to BJJ, check out our fundamentals classes on our schedule.

If you need a gi for trial class and don’t have one, you can borrow one from us for free. The borrowed gis are afterwards immediately being washed at the BSW dojo.

Just visiting?

You can train a whole week for free if you are visiting Wädenswil (we are part of the BJJ globetrotters network).

Everyone is welcome, no matter what your current affiliation or gym is.

We love having visitors and made many friends over the years. We hope to see you soon!